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Managing Partner
General Partner  |  IC Member
Brijesh Pande

Brijesh Pande is the Founder and Managing Partner of ICT Fund. He is part of the fund’s board and investment committee and also has ownership interest in the General Partner through Pepri Ventures (his family investment vehicle).

Brijesh manages all the executive functions of the fund and also represents the fund on the boards of the various investee companies. In addition to the board of the fund, he currently is a board member of Deskera, KaHa, Sixscape and Taiger.

Brijesh has more than 22 years experience in venture capital and investment banking across Asia, Europe and Americas and held senior management positions at SBI Ven Capital (formerly known as Softbank Investments), Citigroup and ANZ.

He is actively involved in startup eco-system in South/ SE Asia as an investor, board member and advisor to early stage technology companies. He often represents the fund on public and private forums related to technology, innovation and venture capital.

Brijesh has an MBA with Distinction from the University of Oxford, a Master’s in Finance from London Business School and a B.Sc. (Hons) from Presidency University, Kolkata.

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